Mouse Studies

I saw on Ty Carter's blog that he often uses his lunch break to do quick studies, and I thought that was a cool way to sneak in some productive study time, so I started doing the same at work this week.

Unfortunately, I don't have a tablet at work, so these are all painted with a mouse. I thought it would be frustrating, but it's actually a great learning experience--since I can't rely on blending and fancy brushes, I have to be very exact with my color choices. It reminds me of when I learned to paint with acryla gouache in school. I didn't realize how much I've been using certain brushes, overlay layers, etc. as a crutch to observing color. So yeah, use the mouse and it will set you FREE!


  1. I love the chuniness of the mouse--like a short stubbly brush. These are beautiful, Amanda.

  2. WOW!!! A mouse?? Incredible. The first one is very beautiful

  3. Expertly done. I always get a cramp in my hand when I use a mouse. These are marvelous!