I haven't posted any work stuff for a while. The fun thing about my job is that I get to play around with style a lot to best suit the courses I'm designing for.

Ironically, I ended up taking Statistics 121 during winter term while simultaneously illustrating the online version of the course. Needless to say, me and Statistics were close buddies for a while. At first I dreaded working on the course because it was huge (over 50 illustrations) and I wasn't sure how to make Stats exciting. I decided--mostly for the sake of speed--to try something more abstract than I usually work, and I was obsessing over film noir and those old moralistic sci-fi movies with the obsessed scientists, and this is the result.

Gesture Drawing

I took Ryan Woodward's gesture drawing class spring term.  This class taught me how much I needed to loosen up with drawing. There was a big focus on exaggeration, and I don't think a pose was ever longer than 10 minutes, so these are all somewhere between 1-10 minutes. I think you can really see Ryan's influence, but in classes I like to implement--as best I can--the principles taught by the teacher, and then later try to fold it into my own style more. Don't know if that's the best strategy, but it works for me.

Winter Term Life Drawing

Some life drawing from the end of winter term Advanced Life Drawing with Bob Barrett. I'll post the stuff from Ryan's gesture drawing class soon, too. I'm glad I took both of these classes because I feel like I practiced and learned very different things in each class, despite them both being life drawing classes.

I'm Alive!

It has been forever since I last updated, but I'm alive! And not just alive, but making lots of ART! So why haven't I updated? Because I am making so much art all of the time that I don't even have time to upload it! Actually, it's because a lot of what I've been doing lately is traditional or work stuffs, compounded with laziness. But on the eve of the Fourth of July and no plans, I find I have some time to post (sad I know, but don't worry, a parade will be waltzing down the road quite literally 20 feet from my apartment tomorrow, so I will be in the middle of the festivities whether I want to be or not).

Anyway, here are some sketchbook pages I did for gesture drawing class spring term. We had a theme every week, as will become readily apparent from some of the unusual sketches below.