Arrow Pattern

Whew! I'm already starting to lag behind on my weekly posting! I thought the long weekend would mean more time for art, but instead it meant more time for barbecues and and catching some movies at the theater (for which I can't complain--and btw Star Trek is awesome). So all I have ready-for-posting on my computer is a pattern I made on a whim because I had never made a seamless pattern, and there is something about a pattern being seamless that makes it magical and elusive, so I had to give it a go.

C. S. Lewis Characters

My friend asked me to draw some characters from The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis. It was short notice so I turned these around in about a day, not having time to do any revisions or iterations. Sometimes having a deadline is nice because it forces you to make decisions and stick with them.

I haven't read the book, so I only had the descriptions she gave me to draw from. The first guy is an "oily" man who has a sinister Jiminy Cricket alter-ego kind of lizard that perches on his shoulder and whispers nasty things into his ear. The woman is a noble lady who isn't phased by the cruel commentary of othersThe pairing consists of a tiny man who won't say a word to people, instead letting an actor that he leads around on a chain do all the talking. C. S. Lewis wrote some weird stuff is all I gotta say.

7 Face Shapes

I read this post about different face shapes and thought it would be good practice to draw a character with the 7 different face shapes described. First I drew a bird spirit Final Fantasy-esque looking character. Then I was like, "I draw too many cute kids," and I drew a burly guy. Swords and facial hair are burly, right?