Hospital Beds

The other day I had a serious epiphany while listening to audio books in my car and pining for ice cream (specifically raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream). And that epiphany was that I love art. It makes me happy. Simple, I know, but then after that realization was a tidal wave of why-am-I-not-making-art-more-what-am-I-afraid-of-I-gotta-start-setting-goals kind of thoughts.

Anyway, how this relates to the blog is that I've decided to start updating once a week. No exceptions! And dear friends, followers, and random peeps who accidentally stumble upon here, if I fail to update regularly, feel free to send me harsh messages about my inability to commit or how people who don't post art regularly on the internet never get to eat raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream.

To start with, here's a sketch (not quite finished... no hands) I've noodled away at off and on for a bit that I think I'm going to leave be. I started it after reading Demo 2 and drooling all over Becky Cloonan's gorgeous art. I particularly liked the last story, which involved a lot of bodily injury and had some really beautifully paneled hospital scenes.