Final Pinocchio Concepts

The two prop designs and two story moments that wrap up my concepts for Pinocchio (for now)! 

Little Red Environment

The best thing about the end of the semester is finishing up all of your projects! Here is the environment for the Little Red riding Hood character I posted earlier. I got a lot of great feedback from my teacher, classmates, and reviewers at CTN that really helped me push myself with this piece, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I think I want to put Little Red somewhere in there, just to add a bit more story.

Draw Draw Draw!

Instead of drawing in a sketchbook this semester I've been drawing on loose sheets of copy paper. I realized the other day that I've almost gone through an entire 500 page ream of paper in this semester alone. I don't think I've ever drawn so much in such a short amount of time. What a semester!

Here's some more stuff from my animation drawing class. We had two perspective assignments and then a character assignment where we we chose a person from the Sartorialist blog and turned them into a character for animation, comics, etc.

Pinocchio Steampunk Western

For Concept Design class I get to retell the Pinocchio story in a different genre, so I of course chose to combine my two current obsessions: steampunk and westerns. I know, you wish you were in this class, don't you? Here are Pinocchio, The Blue Fairy, and Monstro.

Also, I designed some environments for the story. I haven't really designed environments much before this, and I wish I had because I really liked doing these. There's Geppetto's workshop, Pleasure "Island" (it's a train in this case), and a desert town. I want to color these and make a few changes if I get the chance.

Little Red

Midterms week is eating me alive, so what better to do than make banana bread waste countless hours surfing the web? Ah yes, and post to my blog :) I've been working on a design for Little Red Riding Hood for class. I just want to give her a cup of hot cocoa and tell her not to be afraid of that big, bad, good-for-nothing wolf, don't you?

Class stuff

Some stuff I've done for Joe Olson's Drawing for Animation class. We get pretty whimsical assignments, which is a nice change of pace from classes I've taken before.

I finally learned how to blend markers! So many years of frustration have come to an end.

For these hyenas I was supposed to imitate Charley Harper. Not my usual style but fun to attempt.

Traditional media!

So, every now and then I do peel my eyes away from the computer and work with traditional media. These are some watercolor and gouache sketches. I really like watercolor for sketching. I should use it more often.

Japanese stories and Western Humanities

Yup, more work stuff. I had a Japanese lit course, which was fun to do, but I'm not sure how I feel about the way the illustrations turned out.

I also worked on a western humanities course. I tried focusing on shape and using more intense colors. For some reason I always trend towards painting muddy colors, so I'm trying to be bolder with color.

Quickie Self-Portrait

Don't have much to post, just a quick little self-portrait. I'll have some more stuff to post soon. It's so late, and I want to sleep, but I must finish laundry first...

Work stuff

I create illustrations for Independent Study courses at my job. These are from an English course and a high school history course.