The Shadow Character Lineup

I've been working on a short comic for a group project with some friends from BYU. We're having a show that displays some concept work and comic spreads from the project. The opening reception is this Friday, Dec 7 @ 7:00pm on the second floor of the Harold B. Lee library. I can't be there, but if you're in the area you can drop in to see everyone's art and say hi to the other artists!

Each of us chose a classic story or fairy tale to retell in graphic novel form, with the goal of getting children excited about reading. I chose "The Shadow" by Hans Christian Andersen. His dark fairy tales speak to my sensibilities as a storyteller.

My favorite character to design for the comic was the princess, who only shows up in the last pages of the comic, yet probably has the most costume changes of all the characters.

And the lineup with the princess, scholar, and his shadow in two different phases: