I'm Alive!

It has been forever since I last updated, but I'm alive! And not just alive, but making lots of ART! So why haven't I updated? Because I am making so much art all of the time that I don't even have time to upload it! Actually, it's because a lot of what I've been doing lately is traditional or work stuffs, compounded with laziness. But on the eve of the Fourth of July and no plans, I find I have some time to post (sad I know, but don't worry, a parade will be waltzing down the road quite literally 20 feet from my apartment tomorrow, so I will be in the middle of the festivities whether I want to be or not).

Anyway, here are some sketchbook pages I did for gesture drawing class spring term. We had a theme every week, as will become readily apparent from some of the unusual sketches below.


  1. The Space suit one it my favorite, I would love to see a more finished version of it!